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As a Certified Financial Planner™ practitioner with 30 years experience navigating the complexities of Financial and Retirement Planning in up and down markets, I’ve gathered a wealth of insight that I enjoy sharing so that others can reflect and improve their Financial Plan for a stronger future. As a fiduciary I have an obligation to act in your best interest, and it is my privilege to walk with my clients, Bringing Your Money to Life™.

  • May 2022: Grad Gifts that Teach Good Financial Habits
    With so many possibilities, what should you gift your child or grandchild as they graduate from college? The job market is uncertain, and many of our new graduates are carrying heavy weights of student debt. Here’s an article from Kiplinger that gives insight into ways to help, even if you’re not flush with money yourself. […]
  • April 2022: Pitfalls to Retirement
    This month, we’ll review some of the biggest, baddest pitfalls to having an amazing retirement. We all want a wonderful, worry-free retirement with enough money to achieve our life’s goals, hopes and dreams™ for this new season. Retirement should be a golden time. But failing to plan really does mean planning to fail when it […]
  • March 2022: Components of Financial Planning
    A comprehensive financial plan needs to be more than just investments. In this month’s
  • February 2022: Speaking the Same Financial Language as Your Spouse
    Ever think you and your spouse are speaking different languages when it comes to financial goals, planning, and spending? We spend/save/invest/ and plan based on our perspectives. Our differences (in risk comfort, in spending habits, and in what we want money to do) will impact how we DO MONEY. Based on years of experience with […]
  • January 2022 -New Year’s Savings / New Habits
    This year, why not plan so when summer rolls around you’re ready for a much-deserved rest. Take a look as our very own Len Hayduchok weighs in with other experts: “12 Doable Changes You Can Make This Year To Save For An Amazing Vacation” “There are plenty of reasons to save money, but a big vacation is arguably […]
  • December 2021 – Annuities 101
    Annuities are a tool. Misunderstanding around annuities has been a common theme as we work with individuals and rub elbows with other advisors. As any tool, they can be misused, especially when such misunderstanding abounds. However, also like any tool, they can be very useful when used properly. To shed some more light, we share […]