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Maximizing the Benefit from Your Variable Annuity


Variable Annuities are complicated financial instruments. To get the greatest benefit from your Variable Annuity you must.1. Know the technical features and details of your specific variable annuity. Refer to your Variable Annuity contract, prospectus and most recent statement when completing the Variable Annuity Information Guide below.2. Select from the growth and income options your Variable Annuity offers to meet the financial goals and objectives per your financial plan.Use the Guide below to gather the necessary information. If you are unable to obtain the details of your Variable Annuity or do not know how financially to analyze your variable annuity options, contact Dedicated Financial Services at (866) 877-3646 (US Senior) or VAPE@DedicatedFinancialServices.com. Also contact us if you do not have a financial plan in place.