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Theology of Money

Welcome to Theology of Money, a Bible-based teaching ministry of Len Hayduchok.

Len is a Certified Financial Planner™ practitioner uniquely qualified to take a “soulistic” approach to financial planning. An Ivy League graduate of the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania and a Master of Divinity graduate from Biblical Theological Seminary, Len applies his business and theological training with his practical business and ministry experience to help spiritually minded people develop a spiritual view of their money.

Using proven financial strategies he has acquired over his 25-year career, to meet the financial life objectives that are most important to his clients, he shows how financial objectives are related to the deeper Core Soul Needs… and how to meet them.

Theology of Money, a 14-part educational series

Hosted by Len Hayduchok CFP®, M.Div.

INTRODUCTION: Theology of Money
Episode 2: Theology of Money Basics
Episode 3: Core Soul Needs_IDENTITY
Episode 4: Core Soul Needs_PURPOSE
Episode 5: Core Soul Needs_PEACE
Episode 6: Core Soul Needs_LOVE
Episode 7: The Temptation of the Christ
Episode 8: The Lord’s Prayer
Episode 9: John 3:16
Episode 10: Psalm 23
Episode 11: Stewardship, Pt. 1
Episode 12: Stewardship, Pt. 2
Episode 13: Stewardship, Pt. 3
Episode 14: Privilege of Paying Taxes

RESOURCE: Money Do / God Would You Do LIST

For each of the four Core Soul Needs and the corresponding Emotional Needs, find how you are using your Money to meet Emotional Needs related to your Core Soul Needs and in what ways are you asking God to step into your life to meet your Core Soul Needs.